Anjaam (1994)

Anjaam directed by Rahul Rawail is a 1994 movie that stars Madhuri Dixit and Shahrukh Khan in pivotal roles.The music was composed by Anand-Milind with lyrics written by Sameer.This was Shahrukh Khan’s third film as a villain after Baazigar and Darr, both of which released the previous year.It was also the first time that Khan and Dixit were being paired together.Shahrukh Khan won the Filmfare Best Villain Award in 1994 for his role.Madhuri Dixit’s role was initially offered to actress Rekha.

Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit

Vijay Agnihotri is a wealthy, spoilt man who lives with his mother in the city of Mumbai.His mother has allowed him everything and more than that he wants.One day on a mishap Vijay manages to reach up with an air-hostess named Shivani Chopra, he immediately falls head over heels in love with Shivani.He tells his mother about his love, and his mother agrees to get him married, on there way to Shivani’s house they get a nasty shock for Shivani had get married to Ashok Chopra, an air-line pilot.

Vijay is unable to accept this proposal and continues to persuade Shivani to marry him.He begins to make his move on Shivani’s life and family.The cracks begin to show and it comes to a head when Ashok slaps Shivani and she leaves the house in distress.Vijay sees all this and severely beats Ashok, leaving him unconscious.Vijay removes Ashok’s oxygen mask, therefore killing him.With the help of his friend Inspector Arjun Singh (Kiran Kumar), he manages to provide an alibi and Shivani is unable to prove her story.

Vijay visits Shivani and asks her just to say “I love you” to him. When she does not say it he snaps and beats her up, and at the same time frames her for his attempted murder.With no proof, she is separated from her daughter and sent to jail.When Shivani is released from jail she plans to take revenge from Vijay and to make him account for all his sins.

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