Contract (2008) *LQ*

Ram Gopal Varma has come out with yet another flick based on the underworld. Made with almost entirely new and experienced cast, Contract has definitely managed to create an impact on the box office. The movie is based on the nexus between underworld and terrorism and surely reminds us somewhat of Satya and Company.

Cast: Adhvik Mahajan, Prasad Purandare, Sumeet Nijhawan, Sakshi Gulati, Zakir Hussain

Contract is based on the nexus between the underworld and terrorism. One of the main characters in the movie is that of Aman (Adhvik Mahajan). He is a man who has decided to make a mission out of his life and die for the same. Then, we have Ahmad Hussain (Prasad Purandare), the chief of the special cell of Mumbai police. He is a man who never shows any emotion and behind his expressionless face, hides the mind of a genius. He trusts nobody, except himself; to such an extent that even right hand doesn’t know what his left hand is doing. RD (Sumeet Nijhawan) is an eccentric gangster, who is still kid in his heart.

Ramu comes up with a new meaning of Twinkle Twinkle – Ramu’s next film Contract has a very interesting twist to the Twinkle Twinkle nursery rhyme. After the last line of Up Above the World So High, comes a shocker of a line, where a kid sings, Ek Bomb Lagana Mangta Hai Bhai!

As with all the RGV movies, this one also has some excellent performances. Adhvik Mahajan, the guy who plays the lead role, impresses you with his debut performance. Then, we have Sakshi Gulati, who made a promising debut and made her presence felt. As for the other cast members, Prasad Purandare, Zakir Hussain, Vineet Sharma, Sadia Siddiqui, Saurabh Mahajan, all of them deserve to be applauded. Technically speaking, cinematography is excellent and background score is also remarkable. All in all, you can watch the movie if you appreciate the harsh realities of life on-screen.

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