Dil Ka Kya Kasoor (1992)

Directed by Lawrence D’Souza and Produced by Mukesh Duggal , Dil Ka Kya Kasoor is a very beautiful romantic musical film with Prithvi and Divya Bharati romantically paired opposite each other.Music composed by Nadeem-Shravan is one of the best parts of this enterprise.

Cast: Prithvi, Divya Bharati, Sanam

Arun Kumar is an orphan who studies in a college in India. Encouraged by the College Principal, Arun excels in his studies, and also takes up singing for important occasions.He has a secret admirer by the name of Seema his class fellow, who writes songs for him but prefers to remain unknown and secretly falls in love with him.Through her songs he becomes popular and wealthy virtually overnight.

But He and Shalni has a bad relationship in college and he does not know that Seema loves him.After his completion of masters, he wants to find a job as he has no one in the world and he was studying on scholarship.In this period of crises, Seema plans with her friend that why not she should help him build his career as a singer.But she does not want herself to be known to Arun as his career maker.She writes songs in magazines and collects funds for Arun’s shows. Basically all the money is her.And then Arun becomes a star.

Then He marries the College Principal’s daughter, Meena, and together they are all set to live their lives harmoniously.Soon Meena gets pregnant, and both propose to name their daughter Seema.Then Seema’s Editor, Mr. Verma, tells him that it is time he came to know who Seema really is, and it is then Arun and Meena will have to come to terms as to whether Arun is willing to sacrifice their marriage for the mysterious woman who he worships as a Goddess.

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