Mission Istaanbul (2008) *HQ*

Mission Istaanbul is an action thriller based on the subject of international terrorism movie directed by Apoorva Lakhia.The film tells the story of a journalist who gets his hands on top-secret information on dreaded terrorists.Set predominantly in Istanbul at great locations.It is a really fast paced action thriller that keeps you entertained and interested until the very end.The action is amazing for a Bollywood movie like blown up helicopters which was made by the same action director of The Departed.

Cast: Zayed Khan, Sunil Shetty, Vivek Oberoi

At the center of the story is Vikas Sagar ( Zayed Khan ), a top class Indian journalist who takes up a job at Al Johara news channel in Istanbul much against the wishes of his journalist wife ( Shriya Saran ) back home.Al Johara is a news channel that honours its slain journalists by putting their framed photos in its ‘hall of martyrs’.It is a channel that keeps its secret well hidden on the 13th floor, the entry to which is strictly prohibited.

Vikas goes on his first assignment with colleague Owais Husain ( Sunil Shetty ) to Afghanistan where Owais gets killed while fighting the terrorists.Upon his return, Vikas meets a stranger who tells him that Owais’ death was no coincidence and was preplanned by the channel itself. The stranger happens to be Rizwan Khan ( Vivek Oberoi ) a long-haired Turkish commando fighting his own personal war against the terrorists.

As Vikas digs deep into the secrets of Al Johara, he discovers a terror network working in the guise of a news channel.But it is a discovery that makes Vikas himself a target of the terrorists.From thereon follows mindless action – heroes jumping off from buildings, dangling by flying choppers, chopping off the hands of the baddies and blowing up buildings.

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