Mukhbiir (2008) *MQ*

Kailash (Sammir Dattani) plays a mukhbiir (informant) for the Indian government in the film recruited by SP Rathod (Om Puri). Kailash gets into the lives of criminals and informs the police of their activities thereby allowing the law to take appropriate action in apprehending them.

Cast: Om Puri, Samir Duttani, Sunil Shetty, Jackie

But fed up with the life of an informer, Kailash wants to get out. Rathod tells him after one last assignment he will pull him out and give him a whole new life. This last assignment has him mingling with a local don (Alok Nath) and his right hand man Pasha (Sushant Singh). Pasha is helping foreign criminals in the trade of human body parts and when a big consignment is about to clear, with the help of Kailash, Rathod nabs the exchange and kills some of the most wanted criminals.

However, this angers Pasha who sets out on the mission to find out the informer amongst his group as well as Rathod the man this informer is working for. While he is unable to get to Kailash, he does get hold of Rathod. In a tussle between Kailash and Pasha, the latter makes him prove his loyalty by shooting Rathod. This angers Kailash who now has only one plan in mind – to extract revenge of Rathod. He informs another agent Rehman (Suniel Shetty) about a bigger plan in action for which Pasha is transporting huge quantity of explosive materials.

Rehman has him pull out of Pasha’s troupe and plants him into the group of extreme Islamists who are planning serial blasts in Mumbai. Working as a kitchen cook, Kailash gets into the very core of the happenings in the house. But just when he gets hold of the evidence, he gets caught. Will he be able to send his message to the police outside? Will he be saved? That’s what Mukhbiir is all about.

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