Hijack (2008) *HQ*

You like the film despite itself. It has all the regular trappings that have become a rule-book for a Bolly thriller – fidayeen terrorists, a helpess government, a man wronged, and the ultimate film manipulation tool – a cutesy kid in danger.

Cast: Shiney Ahuja,K K Raina,Mona Ambegaonkar,Kaveri Jha,Esha Deol

Dreaded terrorist Rasheed is in the government’s captivity and goes ha-ha-ha like a menacing Santa Claus, when not taking about taking over the world. In the control room of a special Counter Terrorist Department, Chief Rajesh Sharma is showing the usual AVs of terrorists to a roomful of bored people. A few scenes later, some tacky special effects show a nightclub being blown to smithereens. Newspapers the next day print this news on their front page with exclamatory headlines.

The next plan of the terrorists, led by a mysterious Abdullah, is to hijack a plane and negotiate Rasheed’s release. We glimpse a peek into the lives of the ill-fated flight’s passengers: there’s an endearing Parsi couple well into their twilight years and still inseparable; two young college-going couples sneaking a holiday from their parents; a newly-married couple returning from their honeymoon.

Also on the plane is Chandigarh airport chief technician Vikram’s (Ahuja) little girl Priya. Distraught with the news of the hijack, Vikram re-lives the trauma he faced some years ago when he was pilot on a flight that was similarly seized.

The plane stops at the Chandigarh airport for refueling and that is where Vikram attempts at rescuing his daughter. Hijack then follows his rescue plan on the plane with help from airhostess Saira (Deol). What add to the taut tension are relentless killings of the innocent passengers and some unexpected twists towards the end.

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