Hulla (2008) *HQ*

The comedy drama “Hulla” has a trivial theme that has been extended to make it repetitive in the second half. The director Jaideep Varma should have added some more fun and subplots to the subject, to make it interesting. The script is new and performance of the lead actors is wonderful.The movie making style of “Hulla “is similar to “Bheja Fry.”

Cast: Sushant Singh, Rajat Kapoor, Kartikadevi Rane

Raj Puri (Sushant Singh), a broker and his marketing executive wife Abha (Kartika Devi Rane) move into their new house in Malad.Abha gets busy decorating the house according to Feng Shui as Raj excels at his job.Things are fine until Raj is disturbed at night by the whistle blowing watchman Matthew (Chandrachoor Karnik).He appeals to Janardhan (Rajat Kapoor), the secretary of the building who insists it is necessary for the security of the building.

It seems he is making a mountain of a molehill because nobody else is bothered by the noise. He argues with secretary, bribes the watchman and even complaints to the police, but all his plans backfire.Irritated by the lack of sleep, he becomes obsessed with fighting against the whistle blowing and suffers major losses, personally and professionally.

Hulla is a laugh out loud comedy in the first half.It is very realistic and the humour is situational. Bid adieu to fancy designer mansions to make way for one bedroom matchbox apartments with dull pista green walls.It is peppered with so many colourful characters like old men who play hockey on the terrace, a family that moves into their new house in the middle of the night because ‘pandit ne kaha hai ki yeh shubh mahurat hai’ and Abha’s intellectual father played by Darshan Jariwala who does not miss an opportunity to belittle his son-in-law along with different tenants of the building.

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