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It sure seems to be a war of sexes taking over Bollywood with many anti-love films seeing the light of the day. Not too long ago came a complete boy-bashing movie Luv Ka The End and this week it’s time for the girls to face the wrath of the men community as a total anti-girl film Pyaar Ka Punchnama makes it to the theatres. So now it remains to see with this battle will find a closure or not.

Cast: Kartikeya Tiwari, Rayo Bhakhirta, Divyendu Sharma

Pyaar Ka Punchnama is the story of three friends Vikrant (Rayo), Rajat (Karthik) and Nishant (Divyendu) who fall for three girls Rhea (Sonali) who is looking for a rebound after having come out of a five year long relationship, Neha (Nushrat Barucha) who is extremely possessive and very demanding and Charu (Ishita) who uses guys to get her work done respectively. How these girls make their lives miserable is what forms the remaining story.

Now clearly filmmaker Luv Ranjan doesn’t seem to be in love with love. The film appears to be a personal let out of sorts against women. The film provides a complete one sided take on relationships and is exceedingly slow. The second half seems to be everlasting and keeps going on and on with the lead actors cribbing about their better halves.

However, this supposed rom-com pleases in its own way too. The characterising of the movie is brilliant and so are the dialogues. Especially the repartees between the three lead characters. All the three actors put up a great show. The long monologue by Karthik is simply hilarious and makes one actually agree to most of the points.

Filmmaker Luv Ranjan tries to step into too many shoes so not only is he the director of this film but also lyricist, story writer and music composer too. However, not even in one position does the filmmaker show excellence.

On the whole Pyaar Ka Punchnama works only in parts. Would manage to entice only those people who have vendetta against women.

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