Raju Chacha (2000)

“Raju Chacha” is a fantasy tale that revolves around three children, a young governess and a small-time crook hoping to make an easy buck.Rishi Kapoor at last does a role that suits his age better.He grooves well as Siddhant Rai, the rich architect who lives in a swanky bungalow and leads an affluent lifestyle.Being a widower his three children Rohit, Rahul and Rani (played by child artists Harsh, Manshukh and Saakshi) are his be-all and end-all.But he is not able to give them much his time as he is busy trotting the globe on his work.

Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Ajay Devgan, Kajol

The palatial house is forever bustling with the little ones’ pranks, pampered as they are from their childhood.Having never been tied to anyone’s apron strings, the children act their own masters and every time Siddhant gets them a governess, they drive her away with their naughty tricks.But Anna (Kajol) won’t be cowed down by their intimidatory tactics.Bubbly and effervescent as she herself is, she actively participates in the children’s mischiefs and is soon accepted by them.Besides, being an orphan, she easily empathizes with the void in their hearts.

Shekhar (Ajay Devgan), a small-time crook who makes a living out of swindling others, has a crush on Anna.Through her, he wants to reach Siddhant’s swelling fortunes.Siddhant’s uncle( Govind Namdeo) wants to get rid of him and his kids to appropriate his billions.His evil intent succeeds to some extent, after he gets Siddhant killed in a car accident and begins to ill-treat his children.That’s when Shekhar has a change of heart.He steps in as the children’s savior, impostering as Siddhant’s long-lost brother Raju.Thus a chor becomes a chacha and together the quintet fights the baddies and throws them out of their house.

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