The Camp (2010)

A group of excited kids along with their camp instructor set out on a fun filled adventure camp their destination the remote wilderness far, far away from Mumbai!… their journey begins uneventfully with them playing pranks, singing, enjoying, having a great time and eagerly looking forward to some adventure packed days!

Cast: Sonali Kulkarni, Rakesh Bedi, Sanjay Mishra

But the adventure coming their way on a bike behind them is a bit more than they bargained for … because as they set out on their bus they were being followed closely by two mean goons who are armed, dangerous and stupid … these two are looking for an opportunity to kidnap one of the kids… and become rich the easy way!

They follow the kids all the way deep inside the jungle where they’ve set up camp… After some unsuccessful and hilarious attempts, the two kidnappers finally manage to kidnap the kid and escape in the wilderness … Meanwhile the kids find out that one of their friend is missing and realize that he has been kidnapped… without any way of contacting the cops or the outside world, motivated by their camp instructors all of them decide to take it upon themselves to save the kidnapped kid… and thus starts a battle of wits between the kids, their instructors and the kidnappers…

Set in a real jungle, The Camp is an adrenalin fuelled fun filled adventure outing for the entire family!… it’s roller coaster ride that’ll tickle your insides one moment and knot them up the next! An adventure that’s absolutely not to be missed…

Video Source: DVD
Host: MusicNmovies.Info
Chapters: 4

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