Zulm Ki Hukumat (1992)

This film rocks.It is possibly the best Indian remake of the Godfather and I believe that Mr. Ram Gopal Verma’s Sarkar is a copy of this film.It has fantastic performances by Govinda, Dharmendra, and all others.The film opens with an introduction to our characters and then shapes up pretty good.

Cast: Dharmendra, Moushumi Chatterjee, Govinda

Pitamber Kohli lives a upper middle class existence with his wife, & two brothers, Yeshwant and Pratap.The trio get in the bad books of an underworld don named Swami, who soon they launches a vendetta against them.As a result, Pitamber gets killed, and both Yeshwant and Pratap swear to avenge his death.Pratap joins the police force, and steps up his efforts to nab Swami at any cost, to no avail, and he ends up getting suspended from his duties.

Then Swami makes his move – Pratap’s sister and brother-in-law are abducted and held at gunpoint.When Yeshwant goes to rescue them, he is gunned down.Now Pratap, the only remaining Kohli brother, is the only target of Swami.Watch how Swami entraps Pratap, who will be quite helpless especially with his sister still a captive with Swami..

Even the songs are a pleasure to listen to.This movie was released in that phase of Indian Cinema when this genre was not as popular.Sure, it may not have the frills and the sophistication that other movies in the genre have, but this movie is pure entertainment!

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