Annarth (2002)

Being the directorial debut of Ravi Dewan, whose forte is fights and stunts, the film relies too heavily on action sequences more than anything else.The film’s climax in particular is replete with adrenalin savvy sequences of bomb blasts and gunfights.The film is based on an oft-repeated subject that does not leave much impact on the viewer.Even the director’s presentation is shoddy and screenplay is marred with jerky editing.

Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Sunil Shetty, Ashutosh Rana

The film tells the story of two brothers Jimmy (Sunil Shetty) and Raghav (Ashutosh Rana).The two run a small but successful underworld operation in which Jimmy works as an underhand to his elder brother.The family picture completes with their sister Preeti (Preeti Jhangiani) who keeps away from the shady deals of her two brothers.She leads life as an aspiring model and a Music Video actress.

Preeti is in love with her childhood friend, Samir (Gautam), who was also once Jimmy’s best friend.However, she is distraught to learn that he too becomes part of the crime-infested underworld.To Preeti’s relief she discovers that Samir is working as an undercover cop and this prompts her to participate in the joint operation along with Jimmy to catch the city don, Dayal Seth.

Working alongside Samir is Iqbal Danger (Sanjay Dutt) an Ex-Don, who goes to jail for three months on a minor offence.When he is released from captivity, he finds that his sweetheart Khatoon (Shweta Menon) has taken on another boyfriend.A furious Iqbal murders her boyfriend in a fit of jealousy, surrenders to the cops and is sentenced to fourteen years rigorous imprisonment.

In the prison, Iqbal takes to quill and starts penning shayari about a woman’s bewafai and unfaithfulness.Soon his poems are published and he becomes well known.After Iqbal is released from jail, he starts a bar called Bewafa Bar, where only people with broken hearts can come and entertain themselves.The twist to the film’s story comes in the latter half when Raghav kills off Jimmy.This enrages Samir and he sets off to a mission to avenge Jimmy’s death.

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