Desh Drohi (2008) *MQ*

The protagonist of the film, Raja out of frustration leaves his family and comes to Mumbai in search of a job as his friend Shekhar had done earlier.In his village, his father is a farmer by profession, who loves him a lot.And the other person who is madly in love with him is Neha.Raja finds his friend in Mumbai Shekhar doing the job of a watchman.Shekhar offers the same job to Raja, but Raja refuses this offer because he has bigger dreams and wants to fulfill them.

Cast: Krishna Abhishek, Hrishitaa Bhatt, Prem Chopra

During his stay in Mumbai, he meets Sonia who is working for a man named Baba Kadam who deals in drugs.It’s for her unfortunate brother who is dumb that Sonia chose this as her profession.After repeatedly meeting Sonia at various places, they eventually fall in love.Staying in Mumbai is not easy and Raja soon realizes that being a North Indian is even tougher.On the other hand, there is a North Indian leader named Shrivastav.The latter is a role model for all the North-Indians.But in reality he is like any other politician.He uses people for his own selfish needs.

There are other politicians as well, like chief-minister, vice chief-minister, home minister etc. They use common man for their selfish motives.A city based Mafia and drug dealer named Rajan Nayak is also working under these great politicians.Media wants to reveal all this corruption to public through television and news papers.As Sonia is working for Baba Kadam, she has an enemity of Rajan Nayak.Sonia beats the men of Rajan Nayak in an open market.In order to take revenge, Rajan Nayak sends his brother to teach Sonia a lesson.Raja arrives to rescue Sonia and unfortunately he kills Rajan Nayak’s brother that forms the climax of this film.

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