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Bhai log. Better save your sweat money for this month’s actual EMI, than to waste it on this boring film.EMI is loosely inspired from the films of Munnabhai series.The only difference is that here the protagonist Sattarbhai ( Sanjay Dutt ) is not the focus of the story.The story rather revolves around five different characters.It draws its inspiration from real life incidents of goons posing as loan recovery agents and harassing defaulters till they either pay up or end their lives.

Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Arjun Rampal, Urmila

EMI peeks into the lives of – DJ Ryan (Arjun Rampal), a harried father Chandrakant Desai (Kulbhushan Kharbanda), a newly married couple Anil and Shilpa (Ashish-Neha) and a widow, Prerna (Urmila).All these have either taken huge bank loans or owe a lot of money to the credit card companies.A reckless spender, Ryan likes to enjoy a high life at the cost of plastic money.He takes great pride in being a credit card defaulter.

Desai takes a Rs. 10 lakh loan for funding his wayward son’s foreign education but his son cares less about the responsibility he owes to his father.Anil and Shilpa to have a happy married life end up taking all sorts of loans which leave them very little savings in their hands at the month end what with their both’s salaries going into paying the EMIs.Prerna’s hubby had committed suicide having been unable to pay his loans but she is hell bent on proving in the court that he was murdered.All this for the sake of a Rs. 2 crore insurance claim! Misleaded she ends up paying Rs. 10 lakh to a fixer who assures of proving the case in her favour.

But as the fixer dies a mysterious death, her troubles multiply.In comes, recovery agent appointed by the bank, Sattar Bhai (Dutt) who runs Goodluck Recovery Agency who aims to recover the loan amount back from these defaulters in his own unique ways.What twists and turns take place when a wannabe politician Sattar goes on to encounter these characters forms the rest of the film.

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