Yuvvraaj (2008) *HQ*

It has all the opulence and grandeur of a certified Subhash Ghai film.But what ‘Yuvvraaj’ doesn’t have is a tight script at its backbone.The movie limps at many points in its long running time of a little less than three hours.‘Yuvvraaj’ is a film about fraternal bonding and how people who have been blinded by the lure of lucre undergo a change of heart and mind when they have none but each other to fall back on in the times of crisis.With each frame bearing an undeniable Ghai stamp, ‘Yuvvraaj’ turns out, for the most part, an audio-visual spectacle with a missing soul.

Cast: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Anil Kapoor, Mithun Chakraborty

Deven(Salman Khan) was kicked out from the family of his billionaire father at a young age. He’s a son who rejoices the news of his father’s death–so much he hates his dad.He stands a chance to win a big share of inheritance with which he wants to claim a financial standing enough to marry the woman he loves–Anushka (Katrina Kaif), whose eccentric doc dad (Boman Irani) won’t let her marry a “galli ka kutta”, as he so eloquently describes Deven.

Gyanesh ( Anil Kapoor ) has been a retard since childhood.An autistic, he’s a child in a man’s body.But he’s the son his father loved the most, so much that the old man named him the inheritor of his humungous wealth before dying.Danny (Zayed Khan) is a spoilt brat with a passion for gambling, planes, and women.His temper rules his head.So when he gets nothing more than peanuts from his dad’s riches, he’s naturally left huffing and puffing.

Since it is a Ghai film, there has to be an evil uncle (Anjan Shrivastava) who has his flickering eye on the entire wealth. With the three brothers divided, he fancies his chances all the more.How Gyanesh unwittingly becomes central to reuniting his estranged brothers is what the rest of the tale is about.

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