Darwaza Bandh Rakho (2006)

DARWAZA BANDH RAKHO could have been a comic fest from start to end. A comedy of errors about clueless kidnappers and a riotous drove of hostages. But unfortunately, it places itself into yet another passable movie league. Yet, despite the hiccups, the film do provide some laughter moments.

Cast: Aftab, Chunky, Jaqeer, Isha, Manisha

Four men — Ajay [Aftab Shivdasani], Raghu [Chunky Pandey], Goga [Snehal Dabhi] and Abbas [Zakir Hussain] — plan of making a quick buck by kidnapping a rich girl, Isha [Isha Sharvani].

Not being prepared for unforeseen situations, they are forced to take shelter in a mansion and take the people residing in the house [Ishrat Ali, Smita Jaykar, Padma Rani, Vijay Singh, Tashu] as hostages. Bad luck strikes when they get to know that the father of the kidnapped girl [Gulshan Grover] has flown out of the country the very same day.

The kidnappers, in the waiting process, are forced to take more people as hostages to keep their identity and plan under wraps. The hostages create a series of situation too complex for the kidnappers to handle.

On the whole, DARWAZA BANDH RAKHO is just another time pass movie that should appeal to lovers of comedy.

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