Dhadkan (2000)

Dhadkan is a Bollywood movie which deals with the love triangle of Akshay Kumar, Shilpa Shetty and Sunil Shetty.Released under the banner of VENUS, the film has music by Nadeem-Shravan and lyrics by Sameer.Sunil Shetty won a Filmfare Best Villain Award for his performance.

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Shilpa Shetty, Sunil Shetty.

Wealthy Anjali (Shilpa Shetty), is passionately in love with poor Dev (Sunil Shetty), both plans to get married.But Anjali’s family objects and instead get her married to equally wealthy Ram (Akshay Kumar), who lives with his uncaring step-mother and siblings.But Ram believes that one day his family will surely undergo a change of heart.However, Anjali finds out that Ram is not respected, but does not care as she does not love him, because she is still haunted by memories of her past love.

Ram continues to be affectionate towards her and his family, then things change, when Ram decides to assert himself and asks his family to leave him and his wife alone.Anjali starts warming up to Ram, when Dev shows up – this Dev is not the poor Dev that Anjali once knew, this Dev is a multi-millionaire, scheming, and devious, and a Dev who will try to win Anjali over by hook or by crook.But Anjali bypass her haunted memories of Dev and finally falls in love with Ram and will not leave him by any chance.

One thing that however stands out in the movie is the way the dialogues are delivered by the actors. Dharmesh Darshan particularly asked the actors to bring some elements of melodrama and pathos while delivering the dialogues.

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