Meerabai Not Out (2008) *MQ*

Too many silly points mar this overblown tale of a woman who is crazy about cricket.‘Meerabai Not Out’ is a film that causes embarrassment to the people watching it.More than that, it tests your patience with the slow pace of its utterly predictable plot.You know beforehand how the story’s going to wind up.Yet, you sit yawning and watching the proceeding on the screen with the same boredom as you see a five-day match drag to a lackluster draw.

Cast: Mandira Bedi, Eijaz Khan, Anupam Kher

The film’s central character Meerabai ( Mandira Bedi ) is a maths teacher whose life revolves around the game of cricket and its icon Anil Kumble. So much so that she prefers fantasies of Kumble to real men in flesh and blood. Obviously it’s a cause for concern for Meera’s close-knit family that has an elder brother ( Mahesh Manjrekar ), a disillusioned ex-cricketer who has come to hate the game.

Romance enters Meera’s life with the coming of a doctor (Eijaz Khan) but soon she finds herself on the crossroad where she has to choose between cricket and love. It eventually boils down to a match between Meera’s brooding brother and her fiancé. The trouble with ‘Meerabai Not Out’ is that in spite of its persistent attempts to be different, it remains an ordinary, run-of-the-mill film with marginal and underdeveloped characters.

The humour ends up looking silly and many situations (like Meera coming late for her engagement because she had to catch a match) appear outright ridiculous to even laugh at, forget believing them.

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