1920 (2008) *HQ*

Vikram Bhatt’s horror movie 1920 doesn’t leave you zombied.But it does scare you enough to have a few sweaty, sleepless hours when you hit the bed at night.The movie derives its title from the year it’s set in, when huge mansions (in present-day Yorkshire) stood tall on the suburbs of Mumbai and horse-drawn carriages plied on dusty grounds carrying dandy men in suits and women in Victorian gowns and hats.Sadly, there aren’t any buxom ladies in tight corsets here.

Cast: Rajneesh Duggal, Adah Sharma

The year is 1920 and the house isolated in the wilderness has a secret. It is waiting for the curse to come true. For years everyone who has bought the house and tried to pull it down has died under strange circumstances. It is like the house has a will and a life of its own.
Arjun (Rajneesh Duggal) and his wife, Lisa (Adah Sharma), move into the house. He has been given the task of pulling it down and making a hotel there. The house has been waiting for them. The curse has come true. The haunting begins.

Arjun’s wife is more the victim of the haunting than Arjun. Strange and explicable events start taking place. The house has secrets that make enemies of the couple. They begin to doubt each other. Arjun’s wife begins to confide the priest (Raj Zutshi) and Arjun has a friend who is a Doctor. None of them can solve the problems between the husband and wife.

The house watches us the game of death begins between the couple. The curse says they will not survive. The only thing they have that is true is the love they once shared. They will have to depend on the love and faith if they are to come out of this alive.It is the curse versus their love.

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