Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya (1997)

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya is a 1997 Indian Bollywood film.The film starred Bobby Deol and Aishwarya Rai. This is the first Hindi movie for Aishwarya Rai.The movie also featured two songs by the celebrated Qawwali singer, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.The Kapoors are a wealthy family.There is grandpa Kapoor; Grandma Kapoor; their son Kailashnath Kapoor, and his daughter Ashi.As Ashi has come of age, the Kapoors are now on the look-out for a suitable groom.They meet with the Malhotras, as Mr. Malhotra has been a childhood friend of Kailashnath, and his wife.

Cast: Bobby Deol, Aishwarya Rai, Anupam Kher

Their son, Rohit Malhotra, has also come of age, and they would like to marry Ashi with Rohit.Kailashnath tells his parents about this, and they all approve of the match.Ashi is very headstrong and wants to check out Rohit, and she travels to Switerland, where Rohit has a garment business.There she meets with Bobby Oberoi, and mistakes him for Rohit Malhotra.Bobby and Ashi fall in love with each other.

Bobby makes a clean breast of the misunderstanding.The Kapoors meet with Bobby’s mom, Gayetri Oberoi (Beena), and a marriage date is set.Shortly before the marriage, the Police investigate a large sum of money by Kailashnath.Gayetri, who is a bank manager, is approached by the Police, and she co-operates with them.Kailashnath is arrested.This angers Kailashnath and he cancels their marriage, and announces that Ashi will marry Rohit instead.

But the movie flawed in many ways.The movie relied on too many clichéd sequences. Call this movie a DDLJ rip-off because of so many similarities.But dialogues are quite entertaining. The Switzerland scenery was alright.The most disappointing sequences in when the lead characters return to India, nothing happens.And you get lost, because too much happens at the end. However, the ending was quite entertaining despite cheap animation.

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