Chandni Chock To China (2009) *MQ*

Without abandoning the masala genre conventions, the film raises production values to a new standard, with stunts by Crouching Tiger maven Huen Chiu-Ku, more extras than the closing ceremonies of the Olympics, and at least five toe-tapping musical numbers.But even by Bollywood’s formulaic story standards, the fairy-tale plot is about as original as Apu’s accent on The Simpsons.

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone, Mithun Chakraborty

A small village in China is terrorized by one cruel gang lord, Hojo (Gordon).Fed up of his tyrannies, the hapless villagers consult an astrologer who tells them that China’s most famous ancient warrior Liu Sheng has re-incarnated and he is the one who will kill Hojo.Two villagers go in the hunt of this re-born Liu Sheng which happens to be one staying in the famous Chandni Chowk of Delhi in India.This bloke Siddhu (Akshay) in real is anything but their warrior they are in the look out for.

Working in a paratha shop, as a vegetable cutter, the portly Siddhu is forever chasing dreams of a luxurious life without wanting to do hard work to achieve it.His foster father, Dada (Mithun) is fed up of his lethargic ways and always tries to make him realize his hidden potential.The two Chinese villagers finally find Siddhu and with the help of a fraud Chinese astrologer Chopstick (Ranveer) manage to take him to their village in China.Chopstick too tags along as Siddhu’s translator.

During the journey, Siddhu encounters Sakhi (Deepika) a popular model and falls for her instantly but soon his hopes come crashing as he comes across her lethal side of that of a thief.But little does he know that its not Sakhi but her long lost twin Suzie aka Meow Meow (Deepika again) whom he has got confused with.What happens when Siddhu arrives in the remote Chinese village and how Hojo reacts to his arrival and what it leads to forms the rest of the film!

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