Maa (1976)

Vijay lives with his mother in a palatial house deep in the jungles in South India where he makes a living trapping animals for circuses, zoos – both nationally and internationally. He meets with beautiful U.S.-returned Nimmi, both fall in love with each other and want to get married. Vijay’s mother cautions them both against separating new-born animals from their birth mothers, but both refuse to listen.

Cast: Hema Malini, Om Prakash, Dharmendra

Then the unexpected happens, a mother lioness, angered at Vijay for taking her cubs, attacks him, and leaves him badly wounded.With the help of his mother, and Nimmi, Vijay recovers and despite of what happened, and his mother’s warning, he again goes to trap animals – this time a baby elephant for a circus.He does manage to trap the elephant in a pit, but the angered mother elephant pursues them, even after they transport it in a truck.Her maternal and protective instincts come to the foreplay, she overtakes the truck, dismantles it, but is chased away by Vijay and his employees.

She turns to attack Vijay, but his mother intervenes – and is instantly attacked and crushed.Holding his mother in his arms, Vijay swears to hunt them the elephant as well as all other animals and kill them one by one, but his dying mother makes him promise that he will not do so, but instead return all cubs to their parents, as well as the baby elephant.Vijay promises to do so, and his mother passes away.Vijay is devastated, in heart-wrenching sorrow & pain, he calls out to his mother, and carries out her promise.He releases all trapped animals, and returns the cubs to the jungle.

But returning the baby elephant, Ganesh, is another issue altogether as it has been transported to the city, and must be brought back.When Vijay goes to bring it back, he finds out that the truck had broken down, the elephant had escaped and is lose in the city.He desperately goes around looking for it.In the meantime back home, the mother elephant is on a rampage, enraged at being separated from it’s child, it crushes vegetation, attacks villagers, and tears down their dwellings.And the next target that looms before it is none other than Vijay’s beloved – Nimmi.

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