Oh, My God!! (2008) *HQ*

Oh, My God!! (OMG) is a film that bases itself on the premise ‘be careful of what you wish for, lest it comes true’.Now, it’s not a theme that hasn’t been explored before.Bruce Almighty is just one of the many films that come to mind when you think of this genre.Yet OMG, quite unlike Bruce Almighty, refuses to entertain and ends up being such a drab, you feel like throwing eggs at the screen.OH, MY GOD!! may not be the ideal multiplex fare, but it has its heart in the right place.

Cast: Harsh Chhaya, Divya Dutta, Gaurav Gera.

All of us have asked God for help at various moments in our lives.What if God actually tried to help and we were oblivious to his presence? Oh My God revolves around Vinay Pathak who has a money making scheme which will make him and his investors rich. His wife played by Divya Dutta supports him no matter what.She wants a family but he wants money first.His supportive boss played by Harsh Chhaya is going through a divorce.His scheme isn’t very popular in his office and he keeps distributing flyers with the scheme details but few people take him seriously.

Then God played by Sourabh Shukla appears in different human avatars to give him money; he even poses as someone who wants to invest in his scheme but Rajendra turns him away thinking he is a fraudster.So God keeps giving him what he wants but Rajendra doesn’t take because he wants to earn money on the basis of his strategy and hard-work and he drives himself mad.

First-time director Sourabh Srivasatav tells a funny, touching story of a simple man who, with a little help from God, needs to come to terms with his big dreams and find balance in his life.
The ensemble cast includes Harsh Chhaya, Gaurav Gera and Pubali Sanyal.

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