Caravan (1971)

Caravan is one of Nasir Hussain’s biggest and better known box office hits that boosted the careers of Asha Parekh and Jeetendra.It is also regarded as a mini-classic by certain critics. Nasir Hussain and Sachin Bhowmick wrote the screenplay.Hussain’s brother Tahir Hussain is credited as producer.Two more Husain fixtures were involved in the songs: lyricist Majrooh Sultanpuri and music composer R.D. Burman.

Cast: Asha Parekh, Jeetendra, Aruna Irani

Sunita is a young woman who ends up married to the wrong man, Rajan.Thinking that he has conspired with his girlfriend, Monica to murder her, she runs away to find an old friend of her father’s in Bangalore who may be able to help.Having no money, the only way she can get there is to join a traveling caravan.The crew of the caravan is Mohan, Mohan’s sidekick Johnny, and Mohan’s younger brother Monto.

Along the way, the caravan crosses paths with a group of gypsies that includes some causal young men.Sunita soon falls in love with Mohan but Nisha is attracted to Mohan and this puts Sunita in danger again to make matters worse Rajan has conducted a manhunt to find Sunita either by hook or by crook.

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