Barah Aana (2009) *HQ*

Barah Aana is a comedy of the reality in today’s Mumbai.Administrative debut of the ad-maker Raja Menon, the film is produced by Raja Menon, Raj Yerasi and Giulia Achilli and is launched under the banner “Bandra West Pictures’.The film depicts the lives of working class Indians in a globalized milieu, and how events spiral out of control when the characters try their hand at crime.

Set in today’s Mumbai, Barah Aana revolves around three unlikely friends: Shukla, a driver, Yadav, a watchman, and Aman, a waiter. Shukla is an older man, stoic and steady. Yadav, in his 30s, is meek and something of a pushover at work, but exhibits an underlying mischievous nature. Aman, on the other hand, is young, dynamic, and ambitious. In typical Mumbai fashion, the three are roommates, and the clash of their personalities regularly results in humorous, tongue-in-cheek banter.

Things take a turn when the watchman becomes prey to misfortune; a series of chance events results in him stumbling on to a crime. The discovery changes his perspective, boosting his self-confidence enough to make him think that he had a found a new, low-risk way to make money. He then tries to sell the idea to his roommates, to get them to join him in executing a series of such crimes.

As they get more and more mired in the spiral of events that follow, the three characters go through several changes as they are pushed more and more against the wall. Their adventures eventually take them down a path they never imagined.

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