Hate Story (2012) *HQ*

The film revolves around Kaavya (Paoli Dam), and her transformation from a simple middle class journalist to a sex worker, and her revenge where she is exploited both professionally and sexually by Siddharth (Gulshan Devaiah).

This affects everyone around Kaavya, including her family and her best friend Vicky (Nikhil Dwivedi) who secretly loves her. Kaavya, who doesn’t have anything to lose anymore, trained by the best escort, uses her sexuality to rip Siddharth. Thus begins the journey of hatred and brutal vengeance.

The story is all about the chase game driven by hate. While the protagonist uses sex, and antagonist power and money, as weapons. The initial part of the film is gripping and forces one to expect thrill, but soon it turns into a failed expectation. While Kaavya’s character transforming from a journalist to a sex worker is engrossing, but few scenes leave you with examples of a sloppy screenplay. ‘Revenge can make you do anything’ is a convincing idea, but sex is the only medium to get her goals and, interestingly, works for her all the time. Also, it becomes hard to overlook a predictable script.

Paoli Dam is the central character and with the women-oriented roles gaining momentum in Bollywood, the intention to give a larger than life approach to the lead character clearly reflects here. The actress is intense, honest, bold and confident while explicitly essaying her character. Gulshan Devaiya, who impressed viewers in Shaitan, again manages to leave an impact with his effective portrayal of a guy, who can use his power to destroy his enemies. Nikhil Dwivedi is truly wasted as he gets no scope to perform and in most of the scenes, the good actor seems out of place. Joy Sengupta is brilliant. Saurabh Dubey and Mohan Kapur play their parts well. Iravati gets no screen space, but has an essential part to play.

Vivek Agnihotri has been successful in creating the thrill element for the audience, but a predictable storyline makes his efforts tasteless. Director’s vision and making his star cast perform, fails only owing to the routine revenge formula. However, few scenes which showcase different shades of human behaviour are been brilliantly done.

Predictable storyline and loosely weaved thrill will undoubtedly act as a hindrance for Hate Story. However, spiced up thrilling experience in patches, might be a reason to push yourself towards ticket window. Our final word- Stay away from Hate Story and look around for the donor, who might grace you with few funny moments, if not steamy scenes.

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