Kisaan (2009)

Two surprises…One, KISAAN is the present-day interpretation of Manoj Kumar’s classic UPKAR. With changes, of course.Two, going by the promos, the general feeling is that KISAAN is a shining example of regressive cinema. It isn’t!Kissan is full of drama, fun movie.This Hindi movie is about the farmers. This film is based on a powerful father and his two sons, who live in a simple farming family in Punjab.In the story, after some circumstances the struggle comes to a tragic end where each person in the village is forced to re-examine the life that they are living.

Cast: Jackie Shroff ,Sohail Khan ,Arbaaz Khan

The film is about Dayal Singh (Jackie Shroff), a widower, who raises his two sons Aman (Arbaaz Khan) and Jigar (Sohail Khan) singlehandedly.He faithfully toils with his sons on his ancestral land as a true farmer would.One day, his neighbour commits suicide because he had taken a meager loan and could not repay it.Also, he had given his thumb impression on a blank piece of paper to the loan sharks.That paper turned out to be his noose.

Deeply disturbed, Dayal decides to send his elder son to the city to get a degree in law.Fifteen years later, when Aman returns to his village, with a law degree in hand, he is facing a rather peculiar problem.Sohan Seth (Dalip Tahil) an industrialist wants the farmers to sell their land.He is willing to pay more than the market rate.While most agree, others are being forced.Dayal and his sons are of the opinion that no one should be forced.

In one such meeting, the melee, Dayal is slapped by a local goon who has teamed up with Sohan. Being the lawyer that he is, Aman stops his dad from retaliating. However, when Jigar, who was not at the scene, learns of the incident, he exacts revenge by cutting the hand of the offender.From there on the film sinks into melodrama with Sohan befriending Aman and causing a rift in the family.

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