Laaga Chunari Mein Daag (2007)

10 minutes into the film and you know what the story is, you can even guess the twists and turns the story may take and you can [successfully] read what the climax would be. Predictability — that bogs LAAGA CHUNARI MEIN DAAG down.

Cast: Rani Mukherjee, Konkona, Jaya Bachchan, Abhishek, Kunal, Anupam

Shivshankar Sahay is a retired Economics professor, who was denied pension, when he refused to accept the unfair terms and conditions. Although beset by extreme poverty, Sahay accepts the defeat and prefers to sit back and rely on a ‘lucky’ lottery tickets that would change his fortune one day.

During such moments of crisis, it is Sabitri acts like the anchor of the family. She spends sleepless nights stitching clothes to earn some money. Badki and Chutki, are the daughters of Shivshankar Sahay and Sabitri –spunky spirited and naughty. But Badki understands the deteriorating condition of her family and when things begin to go out of hand, she decides to take the rein in her control. She goes to Mumbai to make a living. But the only deal offered to this ‘unqualified’ and ‘unmodern’ girl is money in return for her gorgeous body.

The unending family woes forces Badki to succumb to the dark forces. And then there’s no looking back for her. She morphs into Natasah, shifts into a luxurious apartment, owns a chauffeur-driven car, travels the world and even finds the magic of love. But knowing her compromis-filled life, she runs far away from it. Things back home begin to improve. Her father recovers. The house is renovated. The lost magic returns and Chutki too completes her studies. And then the twist. Chutki shifts to Mumbai for a job and Badki’s life takes a dramatic turn.

While Chutki finds success at work and meets the man she wishes to marry, Badki keeps battling the dark shadows from enveloping her sister and family. But her dual life is exposed before her sister. And soon the entire family is thrown in a tumultuous storm.

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