Rakhwala (1971)

Dharmendra plays Deepak, an honest, hard working son.His family consists of his widowed mother and younger brother Suresh.By luck, he stumbles on a good job, but with the wrong man, Mr. Jwalaprasad.His mother takes his oath to protect his younger brother when on her death bed.

Cast: Dharmendra, Leena Chandavarkar, Vinod Khanna

She also reveals a family secret about his brothers real identity and missing fortune that is overheard by the dangerous Shyam.Shyam has been plotting against Deepak with Mr. Jawalaprasad since he lost his love, Chandni Jwalaprasad, to him.

Through a series of bad events, Suresh is murdered, and Deepak is imprisoned. The film also has a light hearted side story of a love struck compounder (pharmicist) and his bosses daughter. There is an abundance of campy seventies beatnik wear and music, plenty of one-on-ten hero fights, and the mandatory twist at the end of the story.

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