Fox (2009)

Making a suspense thriller is tough.To keep the audience attentive, besides keeping the viewer guessing till the end, requires complete understanding of the craft.Deepak Tijori had attempted a suspense thriller earlier [most storytellers have a penchant for this genre] and FOX, a complex theme, is more of a challenge for him.So, does Tijori get it right? Initially, yes. But Tijori loses it all towards the post-interval portions.The culmination is the thorn in the flesh.

Cast: Arjun Rampal, Sunny Deol, Sagarika Ghatge

Strangely, most film-makers in Bollywood just don’t give a proper conclusion to suspense thrillers. The wrap up is just not compelling, with most films running out of steam in the final leg. FOX falls in this category.

Arjun Rampal plays a clever and cunning criminal lawyer with an impeccable reputation of having won every case and saving the worst of scoundrels from the gallows. An incident makes him feel guilty for his actions. He retires to the scenic Goa where he manages to get his hands on a manuscript written by an old man who dies before getting it published. Well, Arjun, the fox that he is, gets it published under his own name and becomes an overnight bestselling author.

But then chickens come home to roost when Arjun is arrested because every murder mentioned in the book actually relates to real crimes. Seen as the mastermind of these murders, Arjun is locked behind bars by the empathetic cop (Sunny Deol). Now, the onus is on Arjun to prove his innocence. With only two people – his girlfriend (Sagarika Ghatge) and the cop willing to trust him – will Arjun outfox the hidden enemy?

Fox does pack in a few interesting sequences. How Arjun sets about unraveling the mystery gets you glued to the screen. But what unravels makes your jaw drop with disappointment. The writer-director fails to give a credible motive to the villain, making the whole suspense and drama look like a ludicrous farce.

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