Son Of Sardaar (2012) *HQ*

Son Of Sardaar is about Jassi (Ajay Devgn), a happy go lucky Sardar (of course) who leaves London to return to his heartland Punjab to claim his ancestral property.However, it isn’t as normal a process as he thinks.He enters his village only to fuel a raging family-fuel spanning generations.Billu (Sanjay Dutt) the most powerful man of the village who is seeking revenge from the last torch-bearer of the Randhawa family stumbles upon Jassi, who is by then a good friend of Sukh (Sonakshi Sinha), Billu’s sister for having met her in the train.

Without realizing his true identity Billu, who is known for his hospitality, invites him over for lunch. Now as predictable as it can be, just because Billu adheres to the age old saying ‘Atithi devo bhava’, Jassi decides to stay put for his own safety. Whether Billu avenges his brother’s death and breaks his oath of 25 years of not marrying his sweetheart Pammi (Juhi Chawla) or not follows through the rest of the plot.

Without a doubt, the story is quite interesting but the execution could have been better. Though the film has its share of humour to keep you entertained, the screenplay is a bit predictable. The love story that develops between Jassi and Sukh doesn’t seem convincing and the climax too doesn’t impress (for all his talks about the decades-old vengeance, Sanjay’s character seems to melt and relent in minimal time following a couple of dialogues). Last but not least, the action sequences are too gravity-defying (even South flicks don’t thumb their noses at Isaac Newton so insolently!).

Though Ajay Devgn doesn’t look the stereotypical Sikh, his versatile acting abilities and his terrific comic timing come to his rescue. Veteran Sanjay Dutt also delivers, andSonakshi Sinha pulls off her part quite well and it is not difficult to imagine her as a typically loud and boisterous Punjabi kudi. Surprisingly enough, actors Mukul Dev and Vindu Dara Singh, who have not been seen on the silver screen for quite some time, manage to elicit some laughs with their antics as Billu’s simpleton cousins. However, it is Juhi Chawla as the chirpy Parminder, who proves that the endearing qualities that made her a darling of movie-goers many years back, is still intact.

On the whole, SON OF SARDAAR is for lovers of hardcore masala movies. If you liked WANTED, DABANGG and ROWDY RATHORE, chances are you will relish SON OF SARDAAR as well. The North Indian audiences in particular and those residing abroad will be simply delighted by this chatpata, masaledaar fare. A wholesome entertainer in the festive period. Go, have a blast!

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