Rajdhani Express (2013) *MQ*

How would you feel if you are shoved into a room full of annoying and unwanted people with no room to escape? Suffocating right? That’s exactly how we felt while being witness to a train compartment occupied with actors ranging from horrid to atrocious. The film in question is Rajdhani Express.

A mysterious stranger Keshav (Leander Paes) gets on the famous Rajdhani Express for a Delhi-Mumbai journey where his co-passengers comprise intellectual Bengali writer Bannerjee (Priyanshu Chatterjee), snobbish fashion designer Munish (Sudhanshu Pandey) and slutty starlet Sunita (Puja Bose).

As the train journey progresses, the four characters start interacting with each other, revealing that they are more complicated than what they appear to be earlier. Meanwhile, cops receive information that there is a gunman on the train, which is also carrying a Cabinet Minister’s wife and child and a State Minister’s aged parents.

As police officers Dogra (Mukesh Rishi) and Deputy Commissioner Yadav (Jimmy Sheirgill) swing into action to identify and apprehend the gunman, Keshav, who is mentally battling demons from his past, finally snaps and takes the train hostage. What happens next? Watch the movie, if you dare!

Debutant filmmaker Ashok Kohli intends on making a socio-political drama but with the lack of even the basic filmmaking skills, he fails to bring out any aspect of his set theme. Instead his movie turns into a long tedious tirade which literally numbs your brains. Neither does he establish the premise nor delve into any plot to make sense to the audience. Most of the proceedings are left for you to make sense of but with the tawdry execution of it all you stop bothering after a point.

One can still give Leander Paes a benefit of doubt as he hasn’t had a formal training in acting or any experience but reasonably experienced actor Priyanshu Chatterjee’s antics are unforgivable. His caricaturish Bengali twang and amateurish acting annoy the audience. Sudhanshu Pandey falters too and the debuting actress Puja Bose should seriously reconsider acting altogether. The only actor who plays his part reasonably well is Jimmy Shergill but since his character gets written so badly, even he fails to salvage the film.

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