Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge (2000)

Sapna (Karisma Kapoor), who, after her parents died when she was a little child, has been brought by her three uncles. Uncle-number-one is God-fearing and spends most of his time in worshipping one or the other God. Uncle number two is an athletic fellow and his biceps start twitching for action at the drop of a hat. Uncle number three is fond of wearing colorful clothes and is very happy in dancing away the hours. Sapna wants to please all three so she sings bhajans, learns dancing and even has a workout in a gym.

Cast: Salman Khan, Karishma Kapoor, Paresh Rawal

The uncles also love her and look for a groom for her so that she can settle down. But Sapna runs away from home and joins a group of tourists on a holiday abroad. Now, Raja (Salman) is also there in this group. Initially, Sapna is not impressed by Raja. But then, they get separated from the main group of tourists. The inevitable happens. Raja saves Sapna from a difficult situation and the girl realizes she is falling in love with him. Raja reciprocates her love. They wish to get married once they return to India. Raja is eager to ask Sapna’s trio of uncles for her hand.

But little does he know the predicament that awaits him in this enterprise. The uncles are but hurdles between Raja and his love. But the young man is also determined to achieve his objective. He decides to become the blue-eyed boy of the uncles and the story takes many a hilarious turn in the process. Like almost any other husband+wife movies this one ends happily when Raja and Sapna get married.

Salman Khan was making a series of Flops like Hello Brother and Pyar kiya to darna kiya. Both movies, Salman gave a lousy performance, which he usually doe not do. Karishma Kapoor has also made many Flops, add another on her career. Every Karishma movie in her entire career, she always acts immature in at least one scene. This movie is an example of her acting childish, unrealistic and very immature. She is the type of actress mainly for the younger audience or for girls that dream a lot. If i see Karishma i will kich her arse. David Dhawan has given us many entertaining movies, but sadly he disappoints.

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