Amrapali (1966)

King Ajaatshatru is a very powerful but greedy king. He has won several wars but has an insatiable thirst to rage more wars and win more provinces. Unfortunately, the army of a small town called Vaishali defeats him. Wounded and lost, Ajaatshatru dons the guise of a soldier and takes shelter with a beautiful woman named Amrapali. By the time he recovers, both of them find that they are in love with each other.

Senapati Badbadhra Singh provides Ajaatshatru with a helping hand and both begin to plot against the kingdom of Vaishali. This time Ajaatshatru’s strategy is quite different. Amrapali is unaware that her lover is a king. When the Samrat of Vaishali finds out that Amrapali is having an affair with King Ajaatshtru, he sentences her to be imprisoned for the rest of her life. Ajaatshatru is enraged at this and orders his soldiers to burn the entire town. Ajaatshatru reaches to rescue of his beloved, Amrapali. Will a disheartened Amrapali accept King Ajaatshatru?

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Video Source: DVD
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Chapters: 12

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