Drona (2008)

The story is simple, spun around the eternal battle of good versus evil. The beginning is just like other superhero movies and Harry Potter: the hero thinks he is ordinary until he discovers his special powers by accident and his world takes a 360 degree turn. The special effects and graphic comic effects (David Bush) are the best in Indian cinema so far and at par with any Hollywood film.

That’s the case with Aditya (Abhishek) who lives with his foster family and runs their supermarket. Whenever he feels lonely, a lively blue petal gives him company and helps him get on with life. His life changes when he meets evil magician and descendant of the demons, Riz Raizada (Kay Kay) and discovers that he is the Drona (protector) with the help of his newfound bodyguard Sonia (Priyanka). They travel to Pratapgarh where he reunites with his mother Jayati Devi (Jaya). Now Riz is after Drona to procure the secret of mass destruction, which Drona must protect at all costs to save the world. Super strength is his superpower while hydrophobia is his weakness.

Drona scores on production values and technical aspects. The production design (Tania Behl) is beautiful, right from Pratapgarh palace to Riz’s lair and the dreamy town of Raazpur. The cinematography (Sameer Arya) is brilliant and super sharp, making Prague look like a fairytale town, capturing the scary vastness of the Namibian desert, lending an old world charm to Pratapgarh and tracking all the super sharp and swift action sequences. Dhruv Ghanekar is quite a find and the background score is remarkable. The songs Oop Cha and the male and female Drona versions are my favorites while Nanhe Nanhe has a great melody. The costumes by Anaita Adajania are gorgeous though Priyanka’s itsy bitsy costumes in the songs are slightly incongruous.

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