Ab Tak Chappan (2003)

Another different film from the Ramgopal Varma factory, which highlights the life of an encounter specialist. AB TAK CHHAPPAN, starring Sadhu Agashe (Nana Patekar) and his wife Revathy, is based on the life of an encounter specialist. Sadhu leads a highly creditable team, which has Yashpal Sharma also, and believes the only way to wipe out crime, is kill the criminals. He meets a lot of obstacles in his path amongst, which Imtiaz Siddiqui is hell bent to move him from his post.

Sadhu Agashe [Nana Patekar] is the head of a spirited and sharp squad of encounter cops who eliminate crime from Mumbai. While going about his work he forms a bond with the most wanted, Don Zameer [Prasad Purandare]. Imtiyaz Sidiqui [Yashpal Sharma] is one colleague who hates Sadhu as he hopes to bag Sadhu’s post. When new commissioner, Suchak [Jeeva] enters the scene, he makes Imityaz the head causing hostility to escalate between Sadhu and Imityaz. But that’s not all, Imityaz then frames Sadhu for a crime, making him a fugitive. Now Sadhu exacts revenge with help from his buddy Zameer.

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