Sirf Tum (1999)

Sirf Tum released on June 11th , 1999 is a Bollywood Film directed by Boney Kapoor.The film was a Box Office hit and one of the best performances of Sanjay Kapoor.The leading cast consists of Sanjay Kapoor, Priya Gill, Sushmita Sen, Simran Bagga and Jackie Shroff.The film is a remake of block buster national award winning tamil film Kadhal Kottai.The movie was filmed in Kerala in India and Houston in the United States.

Sirf Tum revolves around Deepak (Sanjay Kapoor) an ordinary young man with a big heart executive working in Kerala who is an orphan and leads a loveless life.He is sweet with everyone he meets and goes out of his way to help them.Aarti is a poor girl who has to live with her sister.She is a resident of Nainital but occasionally makes trips to Delhi as well for her work.

While in Dehli, Do-gooder Deepak comes across a stolen purse that contains educational certificates belonging to a woman by the name of Aarthi.He mails them to her, and both start to correspond with each other.Even though they have never seen each other, both feel an attraction.Aarthi’s sister and brother-in-law Nirmal (Tej Sapru) are encouraging to a certain extent.While Nirmal would prefer that Aarthi marry Prem (Salman Khan), his wife wants Aarthi to chose her own life-partner.

Aarthi starts out on her journey to locate and meet Deepak.But how is Aarthi to find someone, who she has never seen, nor spoken to, nor even know his whereabouts, in a big city like Delhi? The necessary plot twist comes in the way of Neha(Sushmita Sen), Deepak’s boss, who falls in love with him and tries to woo him.The rest of the movie concentrates on whether Deepak rejects the advances of Neha and meets Aarthi.

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