Vaah Life ho to Aisi (2005)

Aditya Singh, fondly called Adi Chachu or Adi Uncle (Shahid Kapoor) by the children of his brother, lives in a large mansion in Bombay. In this huge mansion he Lives with his Brother, Sister-in-law,Sister, & Grandmother. He is the only one working in the family. He makes sure that they are happy – and falls in love with their teacher, Piya (Amrita Rao). When they confess their feelings for each other and start to plan the wedding, Adi gets run over by a truck and dies.

In afterlife, he meets the God of Dead, Yamraj (Sanjay Dutt), some kind of kind-hearted deity, living fully in the twentyfirst century by wearing designer clothes and driving a red old car. Yamraj allows Adi to go back to Earth as a ghost to set several things right: after Fakira B.P.C.M. [Bhoot pret connecting Medium (Medium to connect with ghost)] (Arshad Warsi) another deity, gives them special power, Adi is out to stop his evil uncle (Prem Chopra) who wants to sell Adi’s mansion to the equally evil industrialist Hirachand (Sharat Saxena). Adi enlists the aid of Shakti, a little boy, in order to help save his family. They succeed and later Yamraj shows himself to the Verma family. Yamraj allows Shakti and Aditya to stay alive. In the morning, Adi and Shakti pretend that nothing has happened to them.

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