Doodh Ka Karz (1990)

This is the sort of vintage, typically Indian fairytale with a totally indigenous background sadly seems to have gone out of fashion in the last decade or so as filmmakers and audiences have embraced a slicker, more westernized product.The fangled old yarns based on the regions own history and legends such as the snake themed movies revolving around reincarnation, Ichchadhari and Manidhari Naags have all but vanished even though they had enjoyed a powerful resurgence during the mid to late 80’s with films like Sridevi’s Nagina setting the box office ablaze and demolishing numerous records along its slithery path to glory.

It all begins one dark stormy night at the old Thakur’s grand haveli.The ailing Thakur’s son Amrish Puri has hit hard times financially so his evil friends convince him to steal the jewels from the ancestral snake temple.That fateful stormy night the Snake Temples resident Sadhu is woken up from his slumber by a snake charmer who is desperate for shelter as his wife is about to give birth and his beloved performing snake cum adopted son are getting wet in the driving rain.

The saintly Sadhu welcomes them in and goes out into the night seeking a midwife for the woman who is clearly just about to deliver.Meanwhile the dastardly Amrish and his friends arrive to steal the jewels and are caught red handed by the Sadhu whom they murder by plunging a sharp dagger into his chest.The snake charmer checks to see what the disturbance is about only to find the dead Sadhu lying there in a heap with a dagger sticking out of his chest.Of course moments later the charmer is discovered by the villagers having just removed the dagger and is therefore incriminated as having been caught red handed.

The innocent snake charmer is dragged off to the Thakurs who decide that he be punished till death for his robbery of the jewels and his murder of the Sadhu. As the Snake Charmer is beaten brutally by the Thakurs , his favourite snake leaps about angrily in his basket coiling up for revenge.The charmer’s widow Aruna Irani is left with a tiny infant to look after as well as her husband’s favourite pet snake.

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