God and Gun (1995)

God and Gun is a film on contemporary events A daringly different film.It bringsforth authentically the inside realities of today’s politics.God and Gun advocates the truth that power lies in the hands of people and not politicians.The voice of the people is the voice of god.Corrupt politician Satya Singh is all set to win this year’s election also – by hook or by crook.The only person opposing him is Saheb Bahadur Rathore.Satya finds out that Rathore’s following is getting stronger, and he sets about attempting to discredit him, in vain.

Meanwhile, fed-up of cosmetic elections, corrupt policitians, a young man, Vijay Prakash, has set up his own code to deal with corrupt politicians like Satya – kill them. One day Vijay saves Rathore’s life, and both become friends. But with so many differences in their way of operating, will they continue to be friends, or are they part of Satya’s new ploy?

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