36 Ghante (1974)

What would you do if three escaped convicts entered your house and refused to leave? What would you do if you could contact the police but your son has been held hostage? What would you do if the convicts made you do acts against your will?This is the living hell that law-abiding citizens, Editor Ashok Roy (Raj Kumar), his wife Deepa (Mala Sinha), his sister Nisha (Parveen Babi) and his son Raju find themselves in.They are stuck at home with three murderers Himmat (Sunil Dutt), Dilavar (Danny) and Ajit (Ranjit) who have robbed a bank and escaped.

Cast: Sunil Dutt, Raj Kumar, Parveen Babi

While they wait for their counterpart to deliver the loot they put these innocent people through tremendous terror. Will Ashok be able to save his family? Will he be able to get rid of the criminals? Produced & Directed by Raj Tilak, this multi starer has gripping moments and a captivating plot.

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