Amanush (1975)

Inspector Bhuvan (Anil Chatterjee) gets posted to a small coastal village where he finds the people and the place to be enveloped by sheer decadence and debauchery. He crosses paths with Madhusudan Roy (Uttam Kumar) whose drunk, debauched and inhuman nature has terrorized the entire village. He has adopted the image of a beast who once hailed from a respected Landlord’s family.

Madhusudan loved Rekha (Sharmila Tagore), but a series of misunderstanding leads to him losing the love of his life. Inspector Bhuvan is determined to restore Madhusudan to the position that he had once enjoyed. As a beginning, he persuaded Madhusudan to accept employment in the building of the barrage, an undertaking vital to the village. This marked the beginning of the struggle for the restoration of Madhusudhan to human values. But even with Bhuvan helping hand, could Madhusudhan shake himself free from the fetters with which he had bound himself?

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