Nafrat Ki Aandhi (1989)

Sonu (Dharmendra) is a gangleader and does illegal work for Chandidas Khurana (Amrish Puri). This illegal work comes to a grinding halt on the arrival of a honest police inspector Ravi Kapoor (Jeetendra).Ravi instantly cracks down on the wrong-doers, convinces Sonu of his wrong-doing, and actually sets him on the right track.Together they trap Chandidas Khurana, his brother Chotu (Shakti Kapoor) with evidence, and both get long jail terms.

Both Ravi and Sonu get married to their respective sweethearts, Geeta (Madhvi), and Radha (Anita Raaj), and subsequently raise their families.Several years later Chandidas Khurana and his brother finish their jail sentences and kidnap the children of Ravi and Sonu.Sonu’s son is killed, and his wife too dies of shock.Ravi promises that he will apprehend the killers and bring them to justice, but Sonu wants revenge in a different and more permanent way.

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