Sangram (1950)

A son is born to a policeman after some time.his wife dies soon after giving birth.he brings up the boy himself fulfilling his son’s every whim and fancy.boy is played by Shashi Kapoor ,his childhood girl friend is played by Tabassum.he bunks school and goes around playing cards with local goons.once he carries his father’s pistol with him so when he has a fight with those goons he fires the pistol at one of them in a fit of rage.his father comes around and some how prevents him from going to jail.

Grown up role is played by Ashok Kumar.he goes to Lucknow and with out his father’s knowledge runs an illegal casino in guise of a hotel.the people with him or his henchmen hatch a plot to get him to prison.the police raids hotel a bullet gets him in hand but he some how runs away.he meets his childhood sweetheart now played by doe eyed Nalini Jayawant.first they don’t recognize each other but when his father comes to visit her house they recognize one another.they are about to get married when his past comes haunting his previous henchmen blackmail him ,he steals in his father’s house and gives them his mother’s jewels.

his casino dancing woman who helps him is sent to jail by his father who suspects her to be he goes after the goons and gets on their train in the scuffle their leader fells from the train and is killed.he brings the jewels but police recognizes him as the gang lord who run illegal casino.he is put in jail his father is ashamed of him ,his girl friend is betrothed to marry a police man.he runs off from jail kidnaps her and carries her to his casino dancer girl’s the dancer gets angry as she also loves him she tries to inform police but he shoots her ,his own girl friend gets very upset.he grows mad,when policemen comes around he fights them and kill them ,his bullets get finished,his father comes around and ask him to give up,but he threatens to kill the girl to scare him away for he had no bullets left but his father shoots him.he dies their regretting he couldn’t become a good son and brought his father’s to ruin.

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