Haiwan (1977)

Haiwan has a moral to teach. When parents become too indifferent and neglect their children, the child out of agony and attention from his parents becomes psychological case. Hate grows in his sub-conscious mental state, which lets loose slowly, the evil handcuffed in his soul. This child becomes a man of prey… a Beast, a monster Haiwan. This movie has many intresting episodes of working girls, their problems, their relations, their dreams and fear of meeting the Haiwan of their life.

To name a few there is a girl Sultana who her first love with police officer. Lily, the widow of a military officer, earns her livelihood through floorshow along with her partner Rakesh. School teacher, Miss Pradhan, and her problems with her family members. Romana whose lover, a naval officer, who has gone out of India. The main character is a press reporter named Jaya. Her profession demands to probe deep into matters due to which she gets emotionally involved with the central character a retired military officer, Major Anil Verma. Who is this Haiwan Character?

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