Aradhana (1969)

You heard the remixes – “Roop Tera Mastana” , “Mere Sapano Ki Rani” now get the original movie. Aradhana is a movie that never grows old, the movie which catapulted Rajesh Khanna into superstardom (as first superstar in bollywood). The movie, which started the everlasting superhit bonding between Kishore Kumar & Rajesh Khanna.

The story opens against the backdrop of idyllic hilly terrain with airforce officer Amar (Rajesh Khanna) crooning “Mere sapno ki rani” atop an open jeep, while Vandana (Sharmila Tagore) demurely sneaks glances at him from a mini train.

After a brief romance, they have a secret wedding, following the imaginatively picturised number “Roop tera mastana”, which was apparently shot in a single take!

Soon after though, Amar dies in an air crash leaving behind a heartbroken and pregnant Vandana. His family refuses to accept the unwed mother-to-be since her marriage with Arun is never formalised.

Vandana is finally forced to let a childless couple adopt her newborn son. But determined to be a part of his life, she accepts the responsibility of becoming his nanny.The son grows up (Rajesh Khanna) to become an air force pilot like his father. Eventually he finds out the truth about his parents and gives his mother her rightful place in his life.

‘Aradhana’ does have more than a touch of melodrama. But it also brings along a remarkably fresh experience with its unique brand of feel-good romance. Rajesh Khanna is excellent as both the father and son while Sharmila Tagore shines as the young belle as well as the aging sacrificing mother.

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