Buddha Mil Gaya (1971)

‘Raat Kali Yek Khaawb Mein Aaye’ – The everlasting song by Kishore was penned for this 71’s hit movie.The central character is an old man who commits 3 murders to avenge his business partners’ deceit. His murderous trait is underscored by the eccentricity of him singing a bhajan after each one of his murders (“Aayo kuhaan se ghanshaam”). He’s also having his eyes peeled for the daughter that he lost track of. Some lilting tunes by Panchamda. His “Naa jaa re”, “Raat kali ik khwab”, “Bhali bhali si” are remembered to this day.

Ajay and Bhola are inseparable friends. They are simple and honest. All they want from life is a break and a chance to make their careers. The chance comes in the form of an advertisement concerning an old millionaire- Seth Giridarilal. The old man has vanished from the scene & will be presumed dead if he does not appear in the next fifteen days.

For Ajay and Bhola, this advertisement seems to be Gods way of helping them finally. If they find the old man, Ajay can marry his beloved Deepa. And as luck would have they find the old man. They think it is the end of their troubles, but little do they know that it is the beginning.

Om Prakash as a character actor always was a treat to watch. His roles were full of comic adventures, a smart person who is not afraid of making a fool of himself or a full who thinks he is the smartest person. In here he plays a person who is seemingly docile but could be a murderer!!

The good part of the movie is nothing is this movie is what it actually seems to be! Even if you have read the plot of this movie, there are still surprises and they come out at the very end of the movie. Very few Indian movies have been able to maintain the suspense. Om Prakash is certainly a treat to watch. Naveen Nishchol is also at his prime. Deven Verma provides comic relief in style.

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