Janbaaz (1986)

Entertainment and Style – two words to define any Feroz Khan movie in 80s. Without any noteworthy script, just on the bare shoulders of finest actors this movie rocked the nation.

The story by Feroz Khan is nothing award winning but it has enough punch to make it watch able all the way. Rana Vikram Singh lives in a spacious farmhouse with his wife, Laxmi, and two sons. His elder son, Rajesh, is a dedicated police inspector; and his second son, Amar, is a slacker, womanizer, and alcoholic. When an orphaned young woman, Reshma, comes to live with them, Amar gets intimate with her. When Rana comes to know of Amar’s interest in Reshma, he warns him that Reshma is not suitable for their family. But Amar maintains an interest and is jealous to see Reshma in the company of Vikas, an employee at the farmhouse. A fight ensues between Vikas and Amar, and Vikas is killed. Amar is now on the run, and Inspector Rajesh has been assigned the task of apprehending him. Only the future will tell if Rajesh will actually apprehend his younger brother, or will he be asked to do otherwise by his parents?

Janbaaz is quite an example of a film’s three principle actors taking charge of a film. Feroz Khan gives an excellent performance again as Rajesh. He plays his cool, smooth, lone soldier act again and does it with style. Khan, who is known for delivering his power packed dialogues with extensive delivery again excels here. Anil Kapoor delivers one of his best performances here, as a carefree playboy who has no regard for love and life. Personally, this is the best “playboy” performance ever.

A major highlight of the movie, like all Feroz Khan movies, is the music by Kalyanji Anandji. Most of the tunes are extremely melodious and are all out chartbusters. The best of the lot is “Har Kisi Ko Nahin Milta” which has Feroz Khan picturized with Sridevi. The tune is there throughout the movie and remains in one’s mind for long after. The title track is also punchy and perfectly picturized through the movie. “Jaane Jaana” is also well placed through the movie though its’ not a very catchy number. The background music of the movie is also quite scintillate.

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