Kabul Express (2006)


Two Indians, an American, one Afghan and a Pakistani on a journey together

Yash Raj films are churning out more and more daring and different movies every year. With captainship under son Aditya Chopra, every year YRaj movies are increasing both qualititively and quantitively. No more can audiences attach YASH RAJ FILMS as timid romance tag with movies like Neal n Nikki, Fanaa and lately Dhoom 2.

One more movie from Yash Raj films after action packed Dhoom II. Kabul Express directed by eminent filmmaker Kabir Khan, who is famous for his documentaries on the Kargil war. Khan, is a renowned documentary filmmaker, has earlier shot a record number of documentaries in Afghanistan.

The anti-war film tells the story of a 48-hour car drive through the war-torn country that has witnessed tumult since the fall of the Taliban in 2001 when the fundamentalist hardliners were ousted by a US-led invasion. The movie casts John Abraham and Arshad Warsi in lead roles along with foriegn actors.
Arshad Warsi plays a cinematographer and John Abraham, a TV director in the thriller set in post 9/11 Afghanistan. Both will be sent to cover the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The film depicts a journey of five people travelling from Kabul to the outskirts of Pakistan. In Afghanistan, everything is quite dangerous and the army comes to drop journalists in helicopters and leaves. What happens to them after that and how they make their way across to Pakistan, is what “Kabul Express” is about.

“Kabul Express” is a film, with heaps of action and reality. People will come to know what actually happened during the war through the film.

Very few Indian film stars have ventured to Afghanistan in the last four years for shows. This is the first time after the Taliban’s ouster that a Bollywood producer has dared to shoot a film on Afghanistan in the country. The undeniable love for Bollywood in Afghanistan is evident as a large crowd of curious Afghans, mostly young, follow the “Kabul Express” unit wherever it goes for shooting.

The movie further strenthens the quote;

War does not determine who is right, only who is left

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