Loha (1997)

One of the typisch bollywood masla thrillers of mid 80s, though released in 1997 starring those days finest action heros – Mithun, Dharmendra along with huge list of villians – Paresh, Sadhashiv, Amrish, Gulshan. The movie has all qualities required to qualify as hit bollywood movie – with nailbiting flying fight sequences, inhumane villian and good-doer heros. If you want to revive mid eighties action-masala movie then Loha can be counted as second to all time blockbuster Sholay.

Bombay-based criminal don, Mustafa, was the very man who introduced Lukka to the criminal world. This was the starting point for Lukka, for, unlike Mustafa, who didn’t deal in ammunition, fire-arms, and drugs, there was no limit. And soon Lukka had his own followers, who eventually other-threw Mustafa, making him the uncrowned king of the underworld.

People who were foolish enough to oppose Lukka were easily disposed off. For instance, Mustafa had his arms cut off; Tandya was shot dead; Police Inspector Shankar was dismissed from service, and imprisoned; Air Force Pilot Arjun was dishonorably discharged and then court-martial-ed. Now there is no one left to oppose Lukka and his followers, who are all set to do what they like – no limits whatsoever.

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